My name is Birgitte Gustavsen. I’m an artist, though that sound rather fancy, and rather glosses over such things like stacking my canvases in cardboard boxes, having my work table also be my entertainment center and my dining area…and the somewhat hollow and lonely sound a coin can make in my income account.

I am also trying to sneak up on a future of writing, though my first foot into that door is as an illustrator.

My main medium is digital painting, with my fairly faithful wacom tablet and the estimable Adobe Photoshop. I do however indulge in sketching and drawing, and make regular assaults on acrylic and oil painting as well.

But Digital is my comfort zone. It’s the medium that is most likely to get me closest to my goal, though as a perfectionist it’s never close enough. I’ve been at this for over 7¬†years now and I’m still not even halfway to where I want to be skill wise.

As for my subjects they range from illustrations to conceptual work. I have a thorough interest in psychology, sociology, history and their assorted relatives, and they probably influence my work even more than I think they do. Subjects of special interest is communication, sound and emotions. But I don’t like overanalyzing things either.